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    Joan Fleming Reflexology and Reiki Practitioner

Reflexology Liverpool - Joan Fleming

I am a skilled reflexology and Reiki practitioner based in Liverpool. I offer both Reflexology and Reiki.

I have been training in holistic therapies for over 15 years having learned many skills including NLP and Hypnotherapy but prefer to specialise in Reflexology and Reiki as I have found these to be the most beneficial. Both are fantastic remedies for stress and in todays world... Seriously needed. I will try my hardest to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.

A typical Reflexology session with me will last approximately one hour. I will ask detailed questions about your lifestyle, prior and current medical problems. I will then ensure that your feet feel comfortable and may use a bowl of water to do this. I have a totally relaxing reclining chair or a couch Your feet will be bare. From there I will examine your feet before working on all the areas of the feet. I always use cream or oil.

I start with gentle massage on your feet, and then work on the reflex points using specific techniques. I am well used to handling feet and applying sufficient pressure so that ticklishness should not be a problem. Reflexology is not meant to hurt, but should be felt.

A typical Reiki treatment will last approximately 50 minutes. I will ask specific questions and find out the best way I can help you. On the first session I usually do a full Chakra cleanse. This will help me find out the best course of action for you and find out where your energy is running low. I use crystals to assist me. The whole session is totally relaxing. just come along in comfortable clothing and let the treatment relax you.

Approved by Medicash, Simply Heath, Bupa. Contact for details.

Now just off Childwall Valley road

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I have studied Reiki for 15 years and have been taught by three separate masters up to master level myself. It continues to amaze me

I am a fully qualified Reflexologist and have gained my qualification VTCT level 3 Reflexology.

I am a fully paid up member of The Association of Reflexologists and if you are in Medicash or similar they will accept receipts from me.

I am also fully insured.


Here are some commonly asked questions. Click on a question to reveal the answer. If you have further questions - no problem please give me a call.

Joan Fleming

Reflexology and Reiki Practitioner, Liverpool

Tel: 07722 276592

Reflexology Liverpool with Joan Fleming

Joan Fleming

Based in South Liverpool, I am a highly skilled and qualified Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner.

I am a Member of the Association of Reflexologists

I have studied in India at The Aithein school of Massage in Goa and have a qualification that is recognised by the Indian government.


Reflexology Liverpool is a member of the Association of Reflexologists
“Thank you so much the whole experience was very relaxing. I have benefited so much from having reflexology done on a regular basis. Its been very beneficial to my health and wellbeing. I can highly recommend.”

“I have really enjoyed my Reflexology treatments from Joan. The atmosphere is very friendly and relaxing and Jo has a lovely touch with just the right pressure on my feet. I've felt invigorated after each treatment and will definitely be back for more!
I can also thoroughly recommend Joan to anybody.”

“Joan is an excellent reflexologist she is professional, efficient and a natural healer. Her warm and welcoming manner put me instantly at ease.
Every treatment I have received has made me feel totally relaxed and de stressed, with a lovely glowing sense of wellbeing and I had beneficial effects for days afterwards.
I would highly recommend Joan to anyone interested in a course of reflexology.”

“Joan put me totally at ease with her relaxed calm professional manner.
I feel the sessions I have had have been beneficial to my health and wellbeing  I would highly recommend Joan to anyone.”

“Had an amazing reflexology treatment off Joan. One session sorted out the insomnia I had been suffering. I felt so relaxed after it - it was blissful! Highly recommended.”

“I have had several reflexology sessions with Ms Fleming.
Joan put me totally at ease with her relaxed calm professional manner.
I feel the sessions I have had have been beneficial to my health and wellbeing  I would highly recommend Joan to anyone.”

"Joan recently practised reflexology on me. It was a taster rather than a full session, but I was really impressed by her expertise. She managed to identify issues I've lived with and have never mentioned to highlight this.
It was a good relaxing experience in itself and her touch just right.I thoroughly recommend."

"Very pleased with my experience;
Tranquil atmosphere, felt totally at ease and found Joan's knowledge and explanations really insightful.
Felt some benefits within hours and lots more thereafter.
Highly recommended."

"Hi Joan,
Here is some feedback for you:
Very warm & welcoming, I could see a change after just one session of reflexology with Joan, a very friendly and inspirational lady.
Kelsey xx"

Please Note:

IMPORTANT, please read: If you have any medical conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes, heart condition, unstable blood pressure, pregnancy, recent operation (in the last 24 months), skin disorders or ANY other medical issue that you may have, please inform me as soon as possible and in advance of the appointment. (Having a treatment with a medical condition may have an adverse affect on the body preventing the treatment from going ahead on the day of appointment.

To avoid being refused treatment on the day please ensure you contact me in advance to tell me of any medical conditions past and present.)

Some conditions can be approved for treatment by a GP in the form of a letter so please let me know in advance so that this can be arranged. Thank you.

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