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I started on my holistic journey fifteen years ago after my son was born with a heart problem. I wanted to find everything that was available that may help him.

This is when I came across Reiki after I was made aware that distant healing could be sent. I was desperate for anything that could help but I’m a person who has to see it to believe it. After my son had heart surgery I was told he would need a further operation to have a pacemaker fitted for life, as his heart hadn’t started on its own. He was booked in for the operation a couple of days later. I emailed the person who had been sending me Reiki and asked her to help.

The following morning I was awoken with what I can only describe as a bolt of white light going through me. It was the most fantastic feeling I had ever experienced and I automatically asked that the light go to my son and heal him.

When I arrived at the hospital later that morning, I waited nervously as the doctors were doing their rounds. When they got to my son I could barely breathe, I was so scared as I didn’t want him fitted with a pacemaker. They once again, as they had done every day since his op turned the temporary pacemaker off and you can imagine my delight when they told me miraculously his heart had started working on its own again. I knew then that whatever that force that was out there I wanted to be a part of it, so I studied Reiki up to Master degree. I studied with three different masters. This opened up lots of other doors and I began to study anything natural that could help people.

It eventually led me to Reflexology. I found it fascinating that by putting pressure on certain parts of the feet you could help with all kinds of ailments. I studied it intensely and went to college. Since I qualified and began giving treatments the results I have seen have been amazing. I can’t promote something if I don’t believe in it but every person I have worked with has given me great feedback and this has encouraged me to take this further.

Joan Fleming

Reflexology and Reiki Practitioner, Liverpool

Tel: 07722 276592

Reflexology Liverpool with Joan Fleming

Joan Fleming

Based in South Liverpool, I am a highly skilled and qualified Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner.

I am a Member of the Association of Reflexologists

I have studied in India at The Aithein school of Massage in Goa and have a qualification that is recognised by the Indian government.

Reflexology Liverpool is a member of the Association of Reflexologists
“Thank you so much the whole experience was very relaxing. I have benefited so much from having reflexology done on a regular basis. Its been very beneficial to my health and wellbeing. I can highly recommend.”

“I have really enjoyed my Reflexology treatments from Joan. The atmosphere is very friendly and relaxing and Jo has a lovely touch with just the right pressure on my feet. I've felt invigorated after each treatment and will definitely be back for more!
I can also thoroughly recommend Joan to anybody.”

“Joan is an excellent reflexologist she is professional, efficient and a natural healer. Her warm and welcoming manner put me instantly at ease.
Every treatment I have received has made me feel totally relaxed and de stressed, with a lovely glowing sense of wellbeing and I had beneficial effects for days afterwards.
I would highly recommend Joan to anyone interested in a course of reflexology.”

“Joan put me totally at ease with her relaxed calm professional manner.
I feel the sessions I have had have been beneficial to my health and wellbeing  I would highly recommend Joan to anyone.”

“Had an amazing reflexology treatment off Joan. One session sorted out the insomnia I had been suffering. I felt so relaxed after it - it was blissful! Highly recommended.”

“I have had several reflexology sessions with Ms Fleming.
Joan put me totally at ease with her relaxed calm professional manner.
I feel the sessions I have had have been beneficial to my health and wellbeing  I would highly recommend Joan to anyone.”

"Joan recently practised reflexology on me. It was a taster rather than a full session, but I was really impressed by her expertise. She managed to identify issues I've lived with and have never mentioned to highlight this.
It was a good relaxing experience in itself and her touch just right.I thoroughly recommend."

"Very pleased with my experience;
Tranquil atmosphere, felt totally at ease and found Joan's knowledge and explanations really insightful.
Felt some benefits within hours and lots more thereafter.
Highly recommended."

"Hi Joan,
Here is some feedback for you:
Very warm & welcoming, I could see a change after just one session of reflexology with Joan, a very friendly and inspirational lady.
Kelsey xx"
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