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Marma point massage

For centuries, practitioners have been mapping the human body and linking various limbs, organs, immune responses and even emotions to specific energy points.

These ‘points’ are referred to in Chinese Medicine as Acupuncture or Acupressure points, and in Ayurveda and yogic healing as Marma points. This isn’t to say that the two systems discount each other – many books on Marma points also speak of meridians and many books on acupuncture mention chakras. According to both Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, energy (prana or chi) can stagnate in these points. Both systems have healing practices focused on freeing this energy, whether through acupuncture or acupressure,

Marma points are energy points in the body used for healing in Ayurveda. They can be compared to acupuncture points in Chinese Medicine.

Literally translated, Marma means ‘hidden or secret, in Marma point massage, these points are used for healing purposes. They’re also identified as neurolymphatic points, stimulating the removal of lymph and enhancing the efficiency of the body’s organs.

The focus of marma point massage is primarily to manipulate subtle energy or Prana, but physically they’re also very effective for relieving stiff muscles and boosting circulation. Marma therapy is used extensively throughout Ayurveda, and is considered important in self care and self-healing practices. Just as many of us are discovering, the key to greater health and happiness doesn’t necessarily lie outside of us, but instead is quite literally at our fingertips.

There are said to be 107 Marma points on the body, each serving a particular purpose, and each with its own name and specific way of massaging it.

The Benefits of Marma Point Massage:

Benefits can include (as well as all the benefits of a normal massage):

Improved circulation
Promotes better sleep
Relieves stress, anxiety & tension
Helps manage muscle ache
Releases blocked energy to prevent disease
Re-balances health and hormones
Boosts immune system.

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Joan Fleming

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Joan Fleming

Based in the Cressington area in South Liverpool, I am a highly skilled and qualified Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner.

I am a Member of the Association of Reflexologists

I have studied in India at The Aithein school of Massage in Goa and have a qualification that is recognised by the Indian government.

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“Thank you so much the whole experience was very relaxing. I have benefited so much from having reflexology done on a regular basis. Its been very beneficial to my health and wellbeing. I can highly recommend.”

“I have really enjoyed my Reflexology treatments from Joan. The atmosphere is very friendly and relaxing and Jo has a lovely touch with just the right pressure on my feet. I've felt invigorated after each treatment and will definitely be back for more!
I can also thoroughly recommend Joan to anybody.”

“Joan is an excellent reflexologist she is professional, efficient and a natural healer. Her warm and welcoming manner put me instantly at ease.
Every treatment I have received has made me feel totally relaxed and de stressed, with a lovely glowing sense of wellbeing and I had beneficial effects for days afterwards.
I would highly recommend Joan to anyone interested in a course of reflexology.”

“Joan put me totally at ease with her relaxed calm professional manner.
I feel the sessions I have had have been beneficial to my health and wellbeing  I would highly recommend Joan to anyone.”

“Had an amazing reflexology treatment off Joan. One session sorted out the insomnia I had been suffering. I felt so relaxed after it - it was blissful! Highly recommended.”

“I have had several reflexology sessions with Ms Fleming.
Joan put me totally at ease with her relaxed calm professional manner.
I feel the sessions I have had have been beneficial to my health and wellbeing  I would highly recommend Joan to anyone.”

"Joan recently practised reflexology on me. It was a taster rather than a full session, but I was really impressed by her expertise. She managed to identify issues I've lived with and have never mentioned to highlight this.
It was a good relaxing experience in itself and her touch just right.I thoroughly recommend."

"Very pleased with my experience;
Tranquil atmosphere, felt totally at ease and found Joan's knowledge and explanations really insightful.
Felt some benefits within hours and lots more thereafter.
Highly recommended."

"Hi Joan,
Here is some feedback for you:
Very warm & welcoming, I could see a change after just one session of reflexology with Joan, a very friendly and inspirational lady.
Kelsey xx"
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